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Age related changes often reduce the facial fullness associated with our youth. This is particularly evident is the cheek (mid-face) region owing to the effects of gravity and fat deflation. The mid-face extends from the lower eyelids to the nasolabial folds, the normally prominent line extending from the outer corner of the nose to the outer corner of the mouth. As we age, the mid-face slowly and progressively undergoes the effects of descent (due to gravity) and flattening (due to reduced fat volume). This can give the appearance of being tired and older than we are - gradually losing the round contours of our former youthful cheeks. The cheek (mid-face) lift is a procedure designed to restore the cheek contours and forward projections that are associated with youth and beauty.


Surgery to raise the cheeks (mid-face) is carried out either through an incision in the temple area using endoscopic techniques to locate and elevate the cheeks or through an incision at the outer canthus (the outer corner of the eyelids). The plane (depth) of elevation can be accomplished at one of two levels of depth, subperiosteal or submuscular. The choice of technique is based upon factors such as your current facial structure and any prior facial surgery. Dr. Kohn will evaluate these factors and discuss the options that are the most effective and the least invasive to achieve your personal aesthetic goals. Cheek (mid-face) lift is accomplished either using general anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation on an outpatient basis.


Cold compresses are applied to reduce swelling and bruising. Antibiotic ointment will be prescribed. Strenuous activity should be minimized for several days. Discomfort is generally mild. Non-aspirin pain relievers are usually all that is necessary postoperatively. Aspirin products, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, and other blood thinners should be avoided before and after surgery as they may increase the risk of bruising and bleeding. Most patients are able to return to regular activities within several days.


Excessive pain, bleeding, infection, or vision loss are extremely rare and have never occurred in any of Dr. Kohn's surgeries. As with any medical procedure, there may be other inherent risks that should be discussed with your surgeon.


Brow lift surgery can provide both a more youthful appearance and functional improvement with minimal risk.





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